Situation Room Items - TV

Dr. Kevin Davis of Davis Orthodontics on the health edition of Talk TV discussing proper dental health (Part 4).
Afrim Pristine, Owner of The Cheese Boutique, discusses his passion for cheese and olive oil.
Former NHL stars and hockey fans raise money at an all day tournament - money that will be used to purchase winter survival kits for the homeless.
Tireless volunteers assemble 1500 winter survival kits for the homeless thanks to funds raised at an All Star hockey tournament held back in November.
1600 winter survival kits are distributed between 80 front line agencies including shelters and outreach programs thanks to funds raised at Hockey for the Homeless.
As bone chilling winds put our city's homeless in danger of frostbite, Project Winter Survival distributes life saving kits to help those most in need brave the cruel winter months.
Volunteers gather for a good cause - to help the homeless survive the chilling temperatures of winter.
The Bargains Group along with 75 social service agencies pack winter survival kits to help the homeless survive the grueling winter months.
Volunteers known as "Angels in the Night" who raised over $300,000 worth of clothing and supplies for the homeless are delivering them to over 20 shelters across the city.