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100 volunteers lend their help to organize 1900 winter survival kits – a number that represents a mere 37% of what relief agencies actually need for the season.
After the programs main contributor back out, coordinators of Project Winter Survival were left scrambling for funds. Jody Steinhauer explains how her team came together after encountering this road block to ensure that the winter survival kits would be ready in time.
Jody Steinhauer, founder of Project Winter Survival, explains how she plans to raise $30,000 - an amount that will just barely help the cause - after the projects main contributor walked out at the last minute.
Lorne Simon, Chair of Toronto Crime Stoppers, and Superintendent Ron Taverner from 23 Division discuss how they amp up forces during the holiday R.I.D.E. program to make sure that impaired drivers are taken off our streets.
After the programs primary contributor backed out, Jody Steinhauer pleas for help to ensure that no agency who was promised kits will be left out in the cold.
With 35 goals in just 7 games, Adriana Leon, a student and exceptional athlete at The Country Day School, explains how she wants to take her team all the way to the championships.
Helen Harakas, Executive Director at Windfall Clothing explains how she takes donations from clothing and basic need manufacturers and hands it over to 90 social service agencies who work with people living in poverty.
Find out how you can watch an entire film festival while waiting for the subway.
Barbie Benjamin, Chair of Hadassah-Wizo Bazzar encourages people to make their way down to the Final Bazzar where they can shop for great deals while raising money for a great cause.
Sharon Switzer, Founder and Director of the Toronto Urban Film Festival, explains how the festival came to fruition.