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Thornhill Skin Clinic
BMX Bike Jam at The International Bike Show-March 7, 2011
11th Annual ‘Project Winter Survival - SNAP Woodbridge
Brett Maynard discovered thousands of dollars worth of stolen property at an abandoned barn. He reported the find to Crime Stoppers and the property was returned to the rightful owner. But Maynard was denied a reward from Crime Stoppers because he revealed his identity instead of remaining anonymous.
Most money offered to solve crimes is never claimed, even when tens of thousands of dollars are at stake.
Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair makes his address during the launch held Tuesday at police headquarters of International Crimestoppers Month.
North Toronto resident and businesswoman Jody Steinhauer of the Bargains Group is celebrating the 11th year of her Project Winter Survival initiative, which provides homeless people with winter survival kits containing gloves, a sleeping bag and more.
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Jody Steinhauer, founder of Project Winter Survival, is appealing to the public asking them to drop off backpacks and sleeping bags at The Bargains Group to be used as part of their winter survival kits.