Situation Room Items - Press Releases

...Lorne Simon, President of Michael Communications PR Group and Chair of Toronto Crime Stoppers, took the reigns and grew the program into a sponsor savvy marketing tool for advertising partners looking to increase brand awareness while helping to keep our city streets and highways commuter safe.
...members of the Toronto Police Amateur Athletic Association (TPAAA) will take on rivals from Toronto Fire Services in an exhibition of athletic prowess during the 127th Annual Police Games.
398 West is Toronto's answer to quality and composition in a restaurant offering the kosher culinary experience to anyone who appreciates chic ambience and an exquisite meal.
Toronto Police Chief, Bill Blair will honour media recipients in a show of appreciation for the invaluable contributions they have made to combat crime.
Nothing says responsible lovin' like a condom, and Toronto Crime Stoppers will be on hand to shower Toronto with affection protection during the 2nd Annual condom campaign in association with the city's Pride Parade.