2011 Situation Room Items

Tuned In Canadian Radio Industry News From MilkmanUnLimited.
TTC is about to enjoy some aesthetic appeal on the Onestop Network
What's New: Neeson & Associates Presents : A Night with Katy Perry, On Line Promotion!
Annonymous Ad Campaign
Toronto Crime Stoppers - Anonymous
Food and crime are generally unrelated. But this is how DDB, Toronto brought them together to encourage sponsors to attend the Chief of Police Dinner. And with the help of a food stylist and photographer, they were able to achieve a nice balance between beauty and grit.
A look at the new campaign unveiled by DDB Canada’s Toronto office to promote the Chief of Police Dinner, an annual fundraiser for the Toronto chapter of Crime Stoppers. The campaign transforms everyday dinner items – like the roasts and shrimp above – into crime scenes.
Thornhill Skin Clinic
Billy Elliot Opening