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Ashley Greco Co-host of The Z103.5 Toronto Morning Show, has been nominated by Z listeners to co-host with Regis in Aug. on Live with Regis & Kelly as part of their Women in Radio co-host for a day contest.
Amid a sweltering heat wave, volunteers at The Bargains Group distribute water that will get into the hands of the homeless ensuring that death by dehydration will not be an issue this summer.
For the second consecutive year, Kimberley Neeson, President of Neeson & Associates Court Reporting and Captioning Inc., has been nominated to the prestigious RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Awards in the category of The Bell Trailblazer Award.
As Toronto suffers through the longest heat wave in years, Project Water is doing its part to make sure that no one dies of dehydration.
A look at what people are doing to keep cool as Toronto is faced with sweltering temperatures for the third day in a row.
Dozens of volunteers face day 3 of an extreme heat alert to hand out over 200,000 bottles of water to the city's most vulnerable population.
Volunteers line The Bargains Group parking lot to distribute over 200,000 bottles of water, ensuring that the homeless on our streets do not die of dehydration.
Volunteers distribute water to front-line relief agencies who will then put the bottles into the hands of the homeless when they are most in need of the life saving necessity.
A brigade of volunteers lined the parking lot of The Bargains Group on July 7, in support of Project Water's 11th annual relief effort to combat dehydration among the homeless.
Founded in the year 2000 by Jody Steinhauer, President of The Bargains Group, Project Water was born in response to the inexcusable fact that more homeless people die from dehydration in the summer months than from exposure in the winter.