Situation Room Archive

Toronto Police visited Humber president John Davies to present him with an award for his support of last December's R.I.D.E. program.
Members of the R.I.D.E. Checks program presented Humber College with a token of appreciation for the colleges participation in the R.I.D.E. Checks launch held in November 2008.
Jody Steinhauer, founder and Chief Visionary Officer of The Bargains Group explains how she grew her company from a computer and notepad on her kitchen counter to a multi-million dollar business.
Paul Bleier and Adam Henechowicz discuss how the Reena Foundation, a dedicated fundraising organization for Reena, works to enrich the lives of thousands of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.
Those under threat of death by exposure are give a second chance as winter survival kits are handed out on the streets thanks to the efforts of Jody Steinhauer, founder of Project Winter Survival, and volunteers from The Bargains Group.
After losing one of their own to a drunk driver, R.I.D.E. police officers are making it their mission to get impaired drivers off our city streets.
As the 5th extreme cold weather alert is issued this month alone, volunteers from Project Winter Survival hit the streets to hand out survival kits to the city's homeless.
A look at how The Bargains Group is creating winter survival kits for those most at risk.
Volunteers lend a helping hand and distribute nearly 2000 winter survival kits to the city’s homeless who are forced to live outdoors in harsh conditions.
Following the Christmas holiday season, Natalie Bean-Sole, President of Nutrition Forever Inc., shares her tips on how to get back into shape.