Michael Communications PR Group specializes in four areas of the communications industry:

  1. Strategic Counsel
  2. Event Marketing
  3. Effective Speaking
  4. Public and Media Relations

Strategic Thinking

Many communications companies claim to think strategically. Let’s be honest – who’s going to admit they don’t? However, we’d like to believe that we’re a little different. Our approach for each new project is to clearly define and specify your goals and objectives so that we have a standard of measurement for all our work. Drawing on our experience and your objectives, we chart a step-by step plan on how we intend to proceed, outlining the possible obstacles and a series of contingency plans.

Creative Services

As part of our strategic approach to communications, we provide a full range of creative services that include: writing, graphic design, and video production.


Our writers have experience creating copy for:

  • newsletters
  • media releases
  • speeches
  • marketing materials

Graphic Design

We work with some of Toronto’s top designers to create dynamic corporate materials because experience has taught us that the package is as important as the message.

Demographics Expertise

Effective communications is based on knowing who the target audience is and how to reach them. At Michael Communications, we work closely with you to define who makes up your target audience.

Event Concepts

Many people look at an event as a “big splashy party” to draw attention to their company’s products and services. However, done properly, an event is a savvy marketing tool that can effectively raise awareness of products and services while simultaneously reinforcing your key marketing messages.

Michael Communications has extensive experience handling:

  • Grand openings
  • Trade shows
  • Contests
  • Charity fundraisers
  • Retail promotions

Implementing the Plan

A great idea is virtually useless without the professional experience to ensure that your event comes off without a hitch. We ensure that the little details that make an event memorable are in place. Everything from guest lists, security, event promotion, key speakers, bad weather backup plans, and giveaways. As seasoned event planners we’re prepared – rain or shine.

Cross Promotions

An event is the perfect opportunity to feature cross promotions. Whether you’re launching a new product, revitalizing an older product or creating an alliance with another company in a joint venture -- cross promotions can market your company’s products and services in a variety of ways.


Although frequently overlooked by most organizers, giveaways are an additional marketing tool that can be used to your company’s advantage. Giveaways are the one concrete item that most customers take home or back to their office. It is a unique opportunity to provide them with a useful, yet subtle, reminder of your company’s products and services. Key considerations when selecting a giveaway are an item’s ability to be used at a future date, logo imprinting, cost and a tie-in to the event’s theme.

Speaking with Confidence

What characterizes a dynamic, riveting speaker? Why are some speakers dull as dirt while others mesmerize an audience?

Confidence and Experience

In many ways these two traits go hand-in-hand. Experienced speakers are confident because they’ve “gone through the fire and survived it” and they know the personal challenges they face when speaking to a group. We work with you to build your confidence by critiquing your speeches before you stand in front of a crowd.

Body Language

The smallest gestures, facial expressions and other body language can deliver as big an impression to the audience as your entire speech. We work with you to identify and correct misleading body language, So that when the audience leaves they’re focused on your message, not on that weird tapping thing you were doing with your right foot.

Speaking to an Audience

Whether you’re speaking to a small group of employees or a convention centre full of professionals, a few simple techniques can make your message memorable. Some of the techniques we will help you focus on are:

  • Finding common ground with the audience
  • Establishing transitions and signposts for your listeners
  • Creating patterns of organization with your speech
  • Avoiding mid-speech boredom
  • Using vocal techniques such as pitch and pause
  • Adding visual aids to emphasis your message
  • Introducing humour to a speech
  • Analyzing your audience

At Michael Communications, we coach you on how to use these techniques to become a more dynamic speaker.

Media Liaison

Media liaison is about developing long-term relationships with key reporters. Reporters who write about issues that affect your industry are influential in a number of ways. By creating a rapport with these key reporters, you can ensure that they are aware of the latest advances in your products and services and can pass the information along to their audiences. A relationship with the media also allows you to be a source of information when important events happen within your industry. At Michael Communications, we target a select group of reporters and work to introduce them to your company’s products and services.

Radio and Television Interviews

Ever noticed all the uhmmms, ahhhs and nervous speech habits that accompany you when you’re anxious? Or how about those wildly waving hand gestures, frozen grins and faux pas white socks that leap of the TV screen when your interview is broadcast? At Michael Communications, we work with you to eliminate all those endearing quirks so you can reflect the polished professional inside you at all times.

Speak in Sound Bytes

If you want to develop a successful media campaign, you need to know how to speak in sound bytes. Reporters do not have the time or patience for you to ramble along to the point. If you can not speak in their language they will edit your message for you – which means you have given up control. The good news is that speaking in sound bytes is a learned skill. In essence it is about editing yourself down to a concise and meaningful statement that can be captured in 5 to 8 seconds. We work with executives to craft effective sound bytes and acquaint them with how the media works. As a result, your message is delivered to your target audience.

Media Placement

Media placement is about effectively working with media outlets – print, radio, and television – that reach your target audience. At Michael Communications, we deal with the media daily and can direct your campaign to the audiences that you want your message to reach.